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Ain't Enough

John Wort Hannam - Ain't Enough

Southern Albertan singer/songwriter John Wort Hannam's original "Ain't Enough" recorded and filmed at Cottonwood Records iTunes: Google Play: Spotify: Like, share, and let us know what you think in the comments below. "I was born with coal dust in my pockets, you had gold sewn into your seams" - John Wort Hannam Music John is Cottonwood Records' May 2017 Monthly Featured Artist. For more information, please visit <3 Cottonwood Records .............................. John Wort Hannam YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: .............................. Cottonwood Records Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: .............................. Audio & Video Produced by Cottonwood Records Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Joel Varjassy Filmed by Joel Varjassy & Clayton Varjassy Edited by Joel Varjassy Filmed at Louis Studios

Posted by Cottonwood Records on Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Songwriting is not a dark art

I assure you songwriting is not some mystical thing that touches only a few lucky souls.  You just gotta put pen to paper.  The more you do it, the easier it comes.  I mean take a look at this very natural, completely unstaged photo of myself writing a song.  Wow! I can't believe how non-orchestrated, spontaneous and uncontrived it is.  

Wanna take a crack at songwriting?  Then come to FAMI - The Foothills Acoustic Music Institute.  May long weekend in Bragg Creek.  Full details here.  



My favourite theatre in Alberta - The Arden

Save the date.  April 20th.  Arden Theatre in St. Albert.  It's a double bill extravaganza:  John Wort Hannam and the Blue Collars and the powerhouse duo of Cara Luft and JD Edwards known as The Small Glories.  Go here for info and tickets.



You don't need to know Ken Blakely to help him out

All of us at sometime in our lives get dealt some shitty cards.  All we can do is hang on for dear life until the next hand.  My pal Ken Blakely got such a hand and spent much of last year at the Tom Baker Cancer Clinic.  He and his wife Erin, his kids and the community of Knee Valley are holding a fundraiser to raise some money to help offset the expenses incured from loss of work, travel to and from Calgary and all those little things that add up when you get thrown for a loop like this one.

You don't need to know Ken personally to come and support him.  He's a regular guy like you and me, just trying to treat each day as a gift, be there for his family, and appreciate the little things that this life offers.  Come help a fellow human being April 1st at the Knee Valley Community Hall.